Converge Help

Transaction Detail

The Transaction Detail window displays the details submitted for individual transactions. It displays information in the Transaction Details table for the transaction you have just completed. The Transaction Deatils window displays 3 sections:

Transaction Results

Transaction Type
Facilitates transaction routing on the Converge host system.

Valid Values are:

  • Sale
  • Inquiry
  • Return
  • Void
  • Force
  • Authonly
  • Avsonly
  • Purchase
  • Forcepurchase
  • Forcereturn
  • Redemption
  • Credit
  • Activation
  • Reload
  • Cardreturn
  • Conversiononly
  • Verification
  • Guarantee

The date and time at which the transaction took place.

Authorization Response
The 16-character response display message. This field is used by the POS device to display the authorization results. This field includes the Message and Response codes present on your Transaction Detail form.

Approval Code
The number sent to you by Converge verifying the approval of your transaction.

CVV2 Response Code
The code returned in the Authorization Response Message when the CVV2 data is present in the Card Data Field of the Authorization request.

CVV2 Response Codes
MCVV2 Match
NCVV2 No match
PNot Processed
SIssuer indicates that CVV2 data should be present on the card, but the merchant has indicated that the CVV2 data is not present on the card.
UIssuer has not certified for CVV2 or Issuer has not provided Visa with the CVV2 encryption Keys.

AVS Response Code
The code is returned in Authorization Response Message as a result of an AVS Request.

AVS Response Codes
AAddress matches - Zip Code does not
BStreet address match, Postal code in wrong format. (International issuer)
CStreet address and postal code in wrong formats
DStreet address and postal code match (international issuer)
EAVS Error
FAddress does compare and five-digit ZIP code does compare (UK only).
GService not supported by non-US issuer
IAddress information not verified by international issuer.
MStreet Address and Postal code match (international issuer)
NNo match on address or Zip Code
ONo Response sent
PPostal codes match, Street address not verified due to incompatible formats.
RRetry - system is unavailable or timed out
SService not supported by issuer
UAddress information is unavailable
W9-digit Zip Code matches - address does not
XExact match
YAddress and 5-digit Zip Code match
Z5-digit Zip matches - address does not

URL Referrer
The URL (Web site) through which the transaction was processed.

The Account ID of account through which the transaction is being processed.

Order Information

The Status section allows you to track the progress of your transaction by showing you one of two responses:
  • Settled (followed by the batch number in which the transaction was settled.)
  • Waiting to be settled

Transaction Parameters

Transaction Description
Allows you to adjust your description information for partial settlements. For example, if a customer has ordered 10 "widgets" and you only have five in stock, you can change the order and the payment amount within the transaction.

The amount of the transaction. You can only change the Amount of your transaction to a lesser value. Once you have updated it, the current transaction will settle. You must complete a new transaction for the remainder of the order.

The last four digits of the number printed on the back of the credit card.

Expiration Date
The date displayed on the front of the credit card indicating when that credit card will be disabled.

Company Name
The name of your customer's company.

First name
The first name that appears on the credit card.

Last name
The last name that appears on the credit card.

AVS address
The address at which the credit card is registered.

Address 2
Any secondary address to which the credit card is registered.

The city in which the credit card is registered.

The state in which the credit card is registered.

The ZIP code in which the credit card is registered.

The country in which the credit card is registered.

The full e-mail account name of the customer. The "@" symbol must be present for this function to work. Receipt form is automatically sent to this address

The phone number at which the credit card is registered.

Ship to Company
The name of the company receiving the product.

Ship to First Name
The first name of the person receiving the product.

Ship to Last Name
The last name of the person receiving the product.

Ship to Address
The address to which the product will be shipped.

Ship to City
The city to which the product will be shipped.

Ship to State
The state to which the product will be shipped.

Ship to ZIP
The ZIP code to which the product will be shipped.

Ship to Country
The country to which the product will be shipped.

Printable Receipt
Upon completing a transaction, a receipt window opens, allowing you to print out a hard copy of the receipt for your customer to sign, as well as a second copy for your customer to keep. The parameters for this receipt are set up in the Terminal Setup function.

Refund Transaction
Allows you to refund money back to a customer, by crediting money back to their credit card. You can only change the amount to a lesser amount and the change cannot be less than one cent ($0.01.)