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    User Manuals

    The Developer Guide focuses on the processes and settings available to the developer to effectively integrate a point of sale application (website, software application, shopping cart, etc.) to the Converge payment gateway, in order to process transactions.

    The Getting Started Guide provides the merchant basic information that they may need to know before using Converge.

    The System Administration Guide provides relevant information regarding the configuration, management, and administration of the Virtual Terminal.

    The Transaction Processing Guide assists merchants with daily use of the Virtual Terminal such as processing and reviewing transactions, settling , running reports and much more.

    The Mobile User Guide describes how merchants can easily and securely accept payments from consumers, using the VirtualMerchant Mobile Application (soon to be Converge Mobile), which is available on select mobile devices. It describes how to download, setup, and use the VirtualMerchant Mobile Application (soon to be Converge Mobile) to process transactions.

    Peripheral Driver

    The peripheral driver is designed to enable your Virtual Terminal to utilize supported peripheral devices for generating receipts, capturing PIN information and check images.

    Note: Only Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater is currently supported.

    Release Notes

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